New Garden for a new Home: What will Grow there?

New Garden for a new Home: What will Grow there? – Part Two of a Six Part Series

Investigate what will grow in the area that is available in your garden/ where your garden will be. Many first time gardeners make this their first mistake- plants are purchased without this consideration. Look at sunlight- composition- soil and soil moisture.

Observe how much sunlight will reach your garden throughout the year. Plants that need full sunlight- need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day.

Patches under large deciduous shade trees receive only mottled sunlight- large variations of light hitting nearby spots, you will want to find plants that require ‘half sun’ – just a few hours of direct sun per day.

North sides of a building are going to remain in shade all year round. The shade garden needs the best planning of all- having said that, there are wonderful plants that thrive in the dark shade.



Posted on May 12th, by Peter Kyriakopoulos in Blog.

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