Helpful Tips and Hints To Owning Buffalo Grass!


Buffalo grass has gained rapid popularity within Australian gardens and for good reason. it is strong, filled with thick green coloration and has an amazing shade tolerance, in fact it is historically known to be a shade grass. Buffalo grass is the icing on the cake to a newly landscaped area, front yard, back yard, or both!
Perfect for all occasions, whether it be a small entertainment area or soccer field for the kids, buffalo can withstand all types of conditions, the terminator of lawns. Maintenance is another strong point buffalo has, it will grow green thick blades of grass provided it is kept healthy!
Buffalo does love a good drink, a decent water 1-2 times a week during Spring/Autumn and 2-3 times a week during Summer will ensure a healthy lawn.

Mowing Buffalo to the correct height of 30mm-50mm is crucial in the maintenance of your lawn, if mowed too short it will develop its thatch layer much faster, especially when grown in full sun and also be more susceptible to pests and disease invasions, so make sure to keep your lawn at the correct height for maximum health!



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