Natural Turf versus Artificial Turf or Concrete

Natural Turf versus Artificial Turf or Concrete

Artificial Lawn as an alternative to Concrete, Not to Natural Lawn

Plastic turf cannot be compared to real grass, you will soon realize but is a great alternative to concrete or paving.

Artificial grass is a softer alternative to concrete, allowing the surface to be treated harshly; for playing sports that real grass often can’t cope with.

On a hot day though, artificial turf will be a lot hotter than real turf but much cooler than concrete.

Both artificial and natural turf requires maintenance.

Artificial turf will often need a landscaper to perform some maintenance but ultimately has a lifespan of about 10 years.

Everyday maintenance of artificial turf includes cleaning dog and bird droppings, leaves and sticks. Cleaning artificial turf is not easy and involves many hours.

If it’s a sporting field- you will need to disinfect the turf from blood and sweat etc.

Artificial lawn like natural lawn is prone to weed invasion, as dust and rain allow seeds to germinate- this does occur at a lower frequency than Natural grass

Maintenance of natural lawn includes mowing, which means you don’t need to clean- this takes care of the cleaning for you.

Natural turf is sprayed with Herbicides, the biological process of turf remove the chemicals, while artificial turf allows it to linger.

Pests and diseases may not hurt artificial turf, but a healthy lawn will present even less problems.



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