Features In The Garden

Features In The Garden

A garderner with imagination and originality can bring many special features to your garden which will make it more attractive. A garden provides plenty of opportunities for creative designs.

Many garden features can be created by a wealth of landscaping products you can choose from.

Patios and terraces, in the garden can be an extension of the house with access to the living room, dining room or kitchen. Often this area can be uncovered or can have framework above them to allow for creepers and vines to climb.

Courtyards, are usually open to the sky and are really an outside room. You can build a courtyard in a small place like an apartment or between the house and garage. A courtyard is more of a trasition from the garden to the house and are most often a paved area with plenty of pot plants.

Decks, or timber platforms can offer a great alternative for outdoor living It is a natural choice for steep or rocky sites where flat land is scarce, and alot cheaper to build than to level the ground and build a large retaining wall. You can have low level decks on flat sites as an alternative to paving, this way you can extend the house at floor level, provide a non slip surface adjacent to a swimming pool, or make a shady digning area around the trunk of a tree.

Barbacue areas and swimming pools for many families are the centre of outdoor entertaining. These facilities can be used to best advantage if they are adjacent to eachother. These areas can be paved, tiled or stack stoned.  The most important part of a feature in your garden is not to limit your creativity you can almost do anything to your pergola, kids play areas, screens and etc



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