Plant Care In Winter



As the weather gets colder and plant growth slows down there are lots of things you can do to keep your garden in good condition. As winter comes so does the frost and the soil gets colder, so here …

Autumn Garden Tips



Autumn in Melbourne is the most important month to be active in the garden.

Paths in your Landscaping

Paths in your Landscaping

Whether you make them from concrete, gravel, pebbles or pavers, paths in your landscaping can add a touch of class to your garden.…

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Your Melbourne Winter Garden



With winter approaching in Melbourne, most of your garden will enter dormancyWhether you have an established garden or a garden that is waiting to be landscaped, now is the time for you to consider what you want your garden …

Using The Space You Have


Recently I undertook a Landscaping job at a unit in Mulgrave. This unit had no back yard and the client had just moved inn and wanted a entertainment area that was under cover a place for the kids to …

Instant Turf Discriptions



Soft Leaf Buffalo : This is a drought and shade tolerant turf Soft leaf Buffalo needs minimal water and fertilizer to maintain its lush green colour and can be mowed on a lower setting than other Buffalo varieties. …

Which turf is right for you? Real or Synthetic?

turfComparing the Two  What you should know before you decide whats better for you.

The Best Five Flowers To Grow From Seed

Garden watering hose resizedSweet Peas: These blooms offer it all a nice fragrance, attractive colours, very easy to cultivate and to top it off they make great cut flowers that can decorate any home.…

Features In The Garden

Features In The Garden

A garderner with imagination and originality can bring many special features to your garden which will make it more attractive. A garden provides plenty of opportunities for creative designs.…

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What to know about Cultivation




Cultivating the soil is not always beneficia. It may destroy the structure of some soils by shattering the the soil crumbs. Yet some other soils will not support plant growth unless they are cultivated.…