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New Garden for a new Home: Soil Moisture – Part five

New Garden for a new Home: Soil Moisture – Part five

Soil moisture is tied to the climate of the area where you live, but even in a small yard, there can be wide variations.

If your garden is at the bottom of a hill, the soil may remain wet for …

Posted on July 27th, by Peter Kyriakopoulos in Blog, Professional Advice.

New Garden for a new Home: Amending Your Soil – Part Four

New Garden for a new Home: Amending Your Soil – Part Four

New Garden for a new Home: Amending Your Soil – Part Four

The best way to amend poor soil, whether sandy, clay or silty, is to add organic matter. If your soil is high in sand or silt,  a combination …

Posted on July 15th, by Peter Kyriakopoulos in Blog, Maintenance Tips.

New Garden for a new Home- The Soil on your Land- Part Three of a Six Part Series

New Garden for a new Home- The Soil on your Land- Part Three of a Six Part Series

New Garden for a new Home- The Land You have to Work With- Part Three of a Six Part Series

You will need to determine the type of soil you have to work with. The soil on your land has …

Posted on May 21st, by Peter Kyriakopoulos in Blog, Gardening Tips.

New Garden for a new Home: Getting it right from the start

New Garden for a new Home: Getting it right from the start

New Garden for a new Home: Getting it right from the start – Part One of a Six Part Series

Whether you have moved into a new home or are renovating from the inside out, planning a new garden is

Posted on February 26th, by Peter Kyriakopoulos in Professional Advice.

May the Force Be With Your Vegetable Patch Melbourne!

vegetable_patch_june_21Icon Landscaping tips for vegetable patches in the month of May

 May the Force Be With Your Vegetable Patch Melbourne!

Low temperatures for extended periods of time (most of Victoria) means that the following tips can help your vegetable patches …

Getting Decking Right

5. Unsealed wood

Unsealed wood decks can age and deteriorate faster than sealed decks.

Getting Decking Right

Getting Decking Right

4. Stairs with open risers or missing railings/ Improper railing height and baluster spacing

Open space between steps invites accidents. Avoid injuries and …

Finding the right Landscape Gardener

Finding the right Landscape Gardener

Choosing a Landscape gardener  be a challenge for most people, making the right decision as to who your Landscape Gardener will be, is imperative to your garden looking good and lasting you for years to come. That’s why it’s important …

Posted on April 3rd, by Peter Kyriakopoulos in Blog, Professional Advice.

Spring Has Sprung

springIt’s time to get busy in your garden in Melbourne, consider what landscaping and gardening needs to be done, start now and come summer, the fruits (or vegetables rather) of your labor will have you eating healthy and enjoying time, …

Autumn Gardening Tips

autumnAutumn is a great time to rejuvenate a garden for the new season and next spring.

The following tips will help your autumn garden flourish.…

Paving, Decking, Foliage

The interplay of contrasting materials and foliage gives these gardens year-round interest and will give a lush modern garden that reflects the busy lifestyle of many home owners.…

At War With Your Weeds?

weedsWhat more can the title of this blog say? Eliminating weeds, particularly in a lawn can truly be a battle that homeowners lose.…

Big Thinking



Although a garden may not be particularly large, it can pack a strong visual punch and work with the house to create that sense of indoor-outdoor connection that so many home owners crave.…

Gardening Tips For Kids



Ages 4-5: For kids in this age group, gardens make great playgrounds. Encourage secret hide-a-ways, such as forts made from giant sunflowers, or a teepee enclosed with climbing pole beans.

When to Grow Tomatoes.




Tomatoes love the warmth so, in most areas, they grow best through the summer months. Spring and early summer are the ideal times to sow tomatoes from seed. Although tomato seeds can be planted direct into the garden …

Do You Need To Top Dress Your Lawn?



Many home gardeners believe they need to top dress their lawn. Do you need to do this ? . Well it comes down to a number of factors, and in some cases it is required. The major reason you …

Growing Citrus



Tips and Hints To save space, plant two varieties of citrus in the one planting hole. Common causes of the sudden death of young trees include overwatering, frost or bad drainage; for older trees the usual suspect is collar …

Living or Constructed Fences



If your thinking of building a fence here are some things you might want to think about before you get started. The obvious difference is the height of a living fence.…

Natives in your Landscape



Australian Natives have an image problem based on myths and misconceptions. Natives are hardy, low in maintenance and have great flowers. Even if you introduce small pockets of Australian plants in your garden, this will encourage native birds and …

Plant Care In Winter



As the weather gets colder and plant growth slows down there are lots of things you can do to keep your garden in good condition. As winter comes so does the frost and the soil gets colder, so here …

Autumn Garden Tips



Autumn in Melbourne is the most important month to be active in the garden.

Paths in your Landscaping

Paths in your Landscaping

Whether you make them from concrete, gravel, pebbles or pavers, paths in your landscaping can add a touch of class to your garden.…

Posted on March 19th, by icon in Blog, Professional Advice.

Your Melbourne Winter Garden



With winter approaching in Melbourne, most of your garden will enter dormancyWhether you have an established garden or a garden that is waiting to be landscaped, now is the time for you to consider what you want your garden …

Using The Space You Have


Recently I undertook a Landscaping job at a unit in Mulgrave. This unit had no back yard and the client had just moved inn and wanted a entertainment area that was under cover a place for the kids to …

Instant Turf Discriptions



Soft Leaf Buffalo : This is a drought and shade tolerant turf Soft leaf Buffalo needs minimal water and fertilizer to maintain its lush green colour and can be mowed on a lower setting than other Buffalo varieties. …

Which turf is right for you? Real or Synthetic?

turfComparing the Two  What you should know before you decide whats better for you.

The Best Five Flowers To Grow From Seed

Garden watering hose resizedSweet Peas: These blooms offer it all a nice fragrance, attractive colours, very easy to cultivate and to top it off they make great cut flowers that can decorate any home.…

Features In The Garden

Features In The Garden

A garderner with imagination and originality can bring many special features to your garden which will make it more attractive. A garden provides plenty of opportunities for creative designs.…

Posted on March 15th, by icon in Professional Advice.

What to know about Cultivation




Cultivating the soil is not always beneficia. It may destroy the structure of some soils by shattering the the soil crumbs. Yet some other soils will not support plant growth unless they are cultivated.…

Landscaping Design


Icon Landscaping Design believes there is a great satisfaction in contributing to the design of your own garden. So together with our customers, we discuss what needs, wants and expectations to create exactly what is desired in an outdoor area …

Deciduous fruit trees




Deciduous trees, such as the Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Fig, Pear, Plum, Peach and Nectarine trees, lose thier leaves in winter. These trees are perfect in areas of your garden where you need the shade in summer and more …

Essential Composting Tips



Anyone can make good compost, provided you have a good mixture of  plant or animal origin materials in the heap and enough oxygen you can have good organic compost in no time.…

Water Restrictions


Although the end of water restrictions is aimed for 2013, stage 2 water restrictions are aimed for this year. With less restrictions all the time until 2013, people can start to rethink thier gardens with more freedom in mind.…

Retaining Walls


Retaining walls are a great way to elevate garden beds, creating a split level effect and allowing multiple themes in your garden. Retaining walls are also for evening out problematic land slopes.

There are many different types of retaining …